Snippet of Success: Mind Your Twitter Hashtags

This Snippet of Success from DeltinaU touches on how to use hashtags.


How Google Plus Works with Google Search and YouTube

Though Google Plus is growing into a popular social and professional networking platform, the most important reason to establish Google Plus profiles and pages is to improve your placement and conversion rates within Google Search.

Google Plus also integrates nicely with YouTube and select social media platforms like

The following lesson from the DeltinaU Google Plus Essentials course discusses how Google Plus integrates with these other tools.

Take the course here:

Facebook Page Applications Tutorial

Here is a sample video lesson from my latest course, Facebook Page Essentials. The lesson discusses Facebook Applications for pages, and features the ShortStack Facebook Page application service. Finding apps for pages can be a challenge, that is why I recommend checking out some of the better services out there.

You can take the full Facebook Page Essentials course o Udemy for only $15 (a 50% savings) from my DeltinaU site.

A Pinterest Experiment

One of the last lessons for my new Pinterest course is on optimizing your blog and website content for pinning.

I thought the best way to demonstrate what Pinterest grabs for pin descriptions would be to post some images with differing levels of optimization and pin them.

So, here goes…

1. The first test is to use no title or alt text at all. Just embed an image with a generic file name, and see what Pinterest uses as the description.

2. Second is to use a title with no description or alt text.

3. Third, use a title and alt text.

Wolfie loves you

4. Finally, with title, alt text, and description.

Wolfie and the shoes

Will post the results below when I have them…

Ok, here’s the deal: The results are more interesting than I thought they would be. Alt text rules!

1. When pinning the image with no title, alt text, or description, the pin button uses the title of the blog as the description:

Pin Experiment No Title

2. When pinning an image with a title, the pin button uses the title of the image as the description:

Pin Experiment - With Title

3. When pinning an image with a title and alt text, the pin button uses the alt text as the description:

Pin Experiment - With Title and Alt Tet

4. When using title, alt text, and description, the pin button still pulls the alt text as the description:

Pin Experiment - Title, Desc, and Alt Text

So, my conclusion is to recommend optimizing your alt text for the best pinning results.