YouTube One Channel Layout is Mandatory

YouTube One Channel is the new channel design that aims to make your channel look good on all devices – from TVs to smartphones.

On June 5th YouTube is making its One Channel layout mandatory for all YouTube channels. YouTube will switch all channels over to the new layout, even though many YouTubers are not happy about it.

Though I will miss the custom background feature, as a proponent of mobile-ready design, I like the idea that my channel will look good on all devices. The new layout limits the custom design options to a header image – or “channel art” as the YouTube team calls it – that can be designed specifically to adjust to different screen sizes.

Other new features include:

  • A channel trailer that plays automatically for non-subscribed visitors
  • An option to add custom sections to your channel
  • And a custom “related channels” area for featuring other channels of your choice

The following video lesson provides an overview of the One Channel layout.

Change can be hard, but it can also be good. And though I sympathize with those who hate it, I think the One Channel layout is a nice step toward a more mobile-friendly Internet.
What do you think?

6 thoughts on “YouTube One Channel Layout is Mandatory

  1. more and more sites and mainly google are shifting our users more and deeply into there products. i bet ya part of the redesign efforts is to try to get users to stay within the youtube sphere and not leak out back to our sites. what do you think/feel about that? would be great to have your POV on how to leverage sociel media platforms as a funnel back to our properties – something i think about a lot but find it hard to manage with all the social networks.

    • Hi Ben! I agree that most sites – LinkedIn and Google Plus included – are trying to keep folks contained. However, if you are a YouTube partner, you can have external links to an associated website right in your videos. You do need to “stay in their good graces” however, in order to maintain your partnership. So behave! 🙂

  2. I like the youtube one channel. I switched to it about a week ago. Being able to have an intro video to your channel for those who haven’t subscribed yet is a great idea. My subscriptions to the channel have gone up after creating and posting that intro video.

    By the way, Deltina, your overview video of the new youtube channel was very helpful in getting me used to the new channel. Thanks for that!

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