Deltina Hay

Deltina Hay

Deltina Hay, author of The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web and The Social Media Survival Guide, and The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the New Search Optimization, is a veteran web developer, publisher, and a pioneer of social media, Web 2.0, and the mobile web, especially as they apply to small business and the publishing industry. She is an avid writer, presenter, educator, and blogger.

Hay’s deep working knowledge of social media, search optimization, and mobile web concepts, as well as how to apply them in the real world, make her writings, videos, and online courses some of the most accessible in the industry today. She presently teaches  social media and mobile web courses on Udemy.

Founder of Social Media Power and Mobile Web Slinger, Hay is a regular contributor to many journals and online news sources, including Six Revisions, Technorati, and SocialMedia.biz. Her YouTube video tutorial series has received over 165,000 views.

A long-time advocate of open source technologies, Hay has been programming or developing for the Web for over 25 years. Her graduate education includes computer science, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and psychology. Hay is on the Global Board of Advisors of the International Marketing Standards Board, and is on the Board of Directors for the Independent Book Publishers Association.


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